Journal of Water Engineering and Management

( International Peer-reviewed Journal )

A Detailed Analytical Study of Flood Management in Eastern and North- Eastern India and Bangladesh

Amartya Kumar Bhattacharya

MultiSpectra Consultants, 23, Biplabi Ambika Chakraborty Sarani, Kolkata – 700029, West Bengal, India.


Received on: October 10, 2022
Accepted on: November 25, 2022



This paper studies the causes, features and management measures for floods in eastern and north-eastern India and Bangladesh. An exposition of the climatic, topographical, hydrogeological, riverine and other relevant features of the region, placed in the context of floods and flood management, is present in this paper. The ambit of the paper is north-eastern India, West Bengal and Bangladesh.

Keywords: Flood management, Types of flood, West Bengal, Bangladesh


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