Journal of Water Engineering and Management

( International Peer-reviewed Journal )

    The journal publishes papers of good quality and should have something new insight or findings for the international scientific community. The journal covers the application of the science, economics, engineering, management, and policy of water engineering and management and aims to publish thrice in a year. The manuscripts must discuss the implications and provide useful links for the replication of strategy for managing the precious water resources system. We are considering the manuscripts related to the following areas:

    • Watershed management approach for water resources planning
    • Flood forecasting and routing
    • Irrigation, drainage, and salinity management in cultivated areas
    • Reuse of treated wastewater
    • Groundwatermanagementinagriculture
    • Application of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in the water purification system
    • Energy efficient irrigation systems
    • Management of agricultural water resources.
    • Institutional and policy framework urban and agricultural water management

    Types of papers

    1. Original papers will be accepted. The paper should not have been published previously elsewhere.
    2. The review paper should cover a part of the subject of active current interest, especially on water. Logical analysis and conclusions must be drawn in a review paper. This should not be a mere collection of previously published works.
    3. A Short Communication or View Pointisaconcise, but complete, description of a limited investigation. Short Communications should be as completely documented as a regular paper.
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