Journal of Water Engineering and Management

( International Peer-reviewed Journal )


The journal will gradually develop the system for the online submission of a manuscript. Kindly submit a complete blinded paper in MS Word file here. The blinded manuscript must contain the title, abstract, and main text. No affiliation should be entered in the blinded manuscript. The title page will include only the title and affiliations of all the authors.

Figures should be sent as a separate file (doc/jpeg). Tables should be inserted in the text just after when it is mentioned in the manuscript. Make a zip folder of all the files and upload the zip file only. After acceptance, the corresponding author will be asked to submit a signed copyright transfer form.

Checklist for submission

  1. Cover letter
  2. Title page
  3. Blinded manuscript with tables in the text
  4. Figures along with captions
  5. Three names of possible reviewers (name, affiliation, e-mail, and phone)

The manuscript shall be checked for plagiarism which should be less than 20%. The average time for preliminary assessment of submitted manuscripts is 15 days. Normally the review reports are received and decisions communicated within 60 days. Accepted manuscripts are published in the next issue and take around 90-120 days after submission. An article-processing charge of INR 4000/- (USD100) for publishing under the conventional publishing model shall be applied with effect from January 2022. Publishing under the open access option requires payment of INR 15000/- (USD500).

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