Journal of Water Engineering and Management

( International Peer-reviewed Journal )

Peer Review Policy

We are committed to proper evaluation and publication of the accepted papers in the Journal of Water Engineering and Management (online).  To maintain a good quality publication, all the submitted manuscripts undergo a double-blind review process. Main features of the peer review process are illustrated below:

  • Simultaneous submissions of the same manuscript to different journals are strongly discouraged.
  • Manuscripts should be within the scope of the journal.
  • Submissions will be refereed to 2 experts as suggested by the handling editor.
  • Editor –in –Chief will have the option of seeking additional reviews if required.
  • All publication decisions are made by the journal’s Editors on the basis of the referees’ reports. Authors of papers that are not accepted are informed immediately.
  • All submitted manuscripts are treated as confidential documents.
  • Our peer-review process is confidential and identities of reviewers are not disclosed.
  • Review and acceptance/rejection of the manuscript takes maximum of 2 months’ time.
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